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Under Armour Boxerjock: Best Men’s Hiking Underwear Shootout

Men's The Original 6" Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs Bottoms by Under ArmourThe Under Armour Boxerjock’s were the first boxer-briefs I tried backpacking in beyond the standard department store cotton underwear fare. I chose these as they were the only readily available pair that I could purchase at a local sport’s store. Buying underwear is difficult enough, as you can’t exactly return it if it doesn’t work, but if you want to buy online sometimes it costs just as much to ship one pair as it does to ship five, so it was nice to find a pair I could buy locally.

Are they the best men’s hiking underwear?


The UA Boxerjock is made of a very light stretchy polyester material, similar to Under Armour’s other thin compression base-layers. They are by far the thinnest and lightest-weight material compared to the other boxer-briefs in my Ultimate Hiking Underwear Shootout. The material feels almost silky smooth and they have a comfortable waist band. Probably the best feature of the Under Armour’s is the mesh pouch in the front; which gives you plenty of room, while still providing support, for you know what.

As I have decently muscular thighs, one of the problems I was trying to alleviate in my search for the most comfortable men’s undies was finding a pair that wouldn’t ride up while walking and running. I tried both the 3″ and 6″ leg length versions of the Boxerjocks.

It’s six inches, really… (the boxers that is)


Boxerjock hiking backpacking underwear

The 3″ version is too short for me and the seam falls above the widest point of my thighs, this means the boxer legs ride up almost instantly and bunch up in my inner legs, causing discomfort and defeating the whole anti-chafing benefits of boxer briefs altogether. The longer legs of the 6″ are much more comfortable and stay put better, however because of the lightness of the material they still ride up over time. It should be noted that Under Armour also now makes a 9″ version of the Boxerjock, which I haven’t tried yet.

$20 is the MSRP, although Amazon and Backcountry often have them on sale. This seems pretty steep for a pair of undershorts, but comfort is extremely important to me and as you’ll see I’m willing to spend a lot more for it.

The search for comfort continues


While I liked the Under Armour’s mesh pouch and the nice feel of the material, I still wasn’t happy with them riding up my thighs. I never wear my 3″ pair and, while I don’t hike in them anymore, my 6″ ones are still in my regular weekly rotation. I hadn’t yet found the perfect pair of underpants and thus continued my search, which will bring me to next week’s review of the MEC synthetic boxer briefs.

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Manufacturer’s Site:

Under Armour (US)

Under Armour (Canada)

Available Online: Amazon • Trekt • Backcountry • MooseJaw • Under Armour (US) • Under Armour (Canada)

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