Four-wheel low, locking diffs, and a winch don't help with this situation.

Sometimes life turns you upside down…

Four-wheel low, locking diffs, and a winch don't help with this situation.
Four-wheel low, locking diffs, and a winch don’t help with this situation.

These past few months have been some of the busiest and most critical of my entire life. Imagine fourth year university finals, but ongoing for months and with direct career and salary implications. Then imagine hitting black ice and crawling out of your upside down truck on the highway in the middle of it all. Not exactly a stress relieving situation.

The Destination Outside Mobile is a heavily upgraded 2004 Tacoma TRD Double Cab. ARB bumper, winch, suspension, tires, rock sliders, topper, roof rack. It’s got everything you could need to escape into the wilderness on a weekend and these pictures still make me cringe. Though, four-wheel drive, locking rear differential, and a winch don’t help much with this situation.

Toyota 2004upside down

Luckily no one other than my truck was hurt. Thank you Toyota for making a sturdy truck: it may not be a Hilux, but my Tacoma could give one a run for the money. My truck has taken me on many adventures in the outdoors and always brought me back safe. Auto body magicians are working on it as I type and hopefully humpty dumpty will be back together again soon.

So, the writing was put by the wayside for a little while and now that I’m through with the busiest I hope to get back to the site. I’ve got a few reviews in the works to finish up my overdue series on the best men’s undies, my thoughts on a Hoo Rag bandana, as well this winter has provided me with plenty of snow for a thorough testing of UGG’s new Barklay Snow Boots.

Stay tuned for these reviews in the coming weeks and more pics of my Tacoma once it’s back on the road.

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