Hiking Underwear Review

MEC Synthetic Boxer Briefs: Best Men’s Hiking Underwear Shootout


Hiking Underwear Review

In an attempt to find something cheaper than the Under Armour Boxer Jocks I reviewed previously I decided to try Mountain Equipment Co-Op’s own boxer briefs. They are made out of a stretchy synthetic material and were sold for around $12.

They are no longer available, however I’m including these boxer briefs as they highlight the lower price point in the world of high end hiking undies. MEC now has some new, promising offerings that I’ve yet to try.


Are these MEC boxer-briefs the best Men’s hiking underwear?

In short, no.

It’s not that they’re terrible and for the price they were certainly competitive. However the fit on them is all wrong. If my grandfather wanted synthetic sports underwear, this is the pair he would choose. If you pull them all the way up they can easily cover your belly button, which is great if your belly button gets cold…

There is just too much fabric all the way up, I even tried rolling the tops down, meaning you end up with a nice little tire tube around your waist. The fabric is a little too stretchy so they just don’t offer the same support and structure that the other boxer briefs I tested do.Synthetic Hiking Underwear

I didn’t spend too much time wearing these and I never took them on a backpacking trip because they just weren’t a comfortable fit. But, with the light material they are quick drying and do a good job at wicking moisture.

Boxer Briefs on a Budget

If you aren’t looking to blow your whole outdoor gear budget on special backpacking boxers then these MEC ones will still do the trick. It looks like they’ve been replaced by the MEC T1 Athletic Boxer Brief, which sells for $17 and they also have some new pairs made of merino wool in the $30+ range. I’ve yet to try either, but if I do I’ll update this post to let you know what I think.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op is a Canadian retailer, but for those of you in the States it looks like REI makes a similar budget priced pair of boxer briefs at $19.

Eddie Bauer also sells a Sports Brief for $15 that gets good reviews on their site.

At these prices however, you’re almost into the price range of the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs, which I’ll be reviewing next. They’re currently on sale at Backcountry.com and would be my pick.

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