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Coaching and Hiking on the Peralta Trail

Tonto National Forest HikingMy father, Dwaine Souveny, is my mentor for the great outdoors; he taught me to camp, hike, and enjoy the wilderness from a young age. He is also a Psychologist and a Certified Educational Coach with Dynamic Development.

I attended a few of his training sessions recently in order to get a better understanding of what he does and to see how to apply these concepts in improving and getting more fulfillment from my own life.

On our recent trip down to Arizona we decided to put coaching into practice doing an activity that we can both relate to: an awesome hike.

Located east of Phoenix in the Superstition mountains, the Peralta Trail makes a great day hike as it takes you up to Freemont Saddle for fantastic views of Weavers Needle. The length is about 5 miles (8 Kms) with a fair bit of elevation gain that is well worth the scenery.


The GROWTH Model of Coaching


We used the GROWTH Model (Goal, Reason, Obstacles, Wisdom, Tasks, Hurray!) on our hike along the Peralta Trail as an example of how coaching can apply to everyday life. GROWTH makes it easy to demonstrate how to define a goal, break the goal down into achievable tasks, and recognise and celebrate your success.

It’s about being Intentional (about your intent and what you are giving) and Mindful (about what you are getting) when experiencing the amazing and awe inspiring outdoors.

Filling out a GROWTH worksheet makes it easy to visually display and track your progress to achieving any goal whether it be personal, professional, or recreational: like this day hike on the Peralta Trail.

Hiking Phoenix Mesa

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