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ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs: Best Men’s Hiking Underwear Shootout

As ExOfficio puts it, “17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear.”   ew… oh wait, I was supposed to wash them in between?

The Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs are made of nylon with a bit of spandex and are treated with a “Microbe Shield” to avoid the stinkyness that is often associated with other synthetic boxers.

The body fabric is a tightly woven mesh similar to the crotch of the Under Armour’s I reviewed. They are fairly stretchy, but have more structure than the MEC and Under Armour boxers.

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Are the ExOfficio Give-N-Go’s the best pair of hiking underwear yet?


They may have an awkward name, but the ExOfficio’s are an excellent piece of undergarment. The fit and fabric on these is just right for me.

The legs are long enough and have a more substantial structure to them that helps stop that irritating ride up. That means you can walk or bike all day without awkwardly reaching down your pants to straighten out your underwear.

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The mesh fabric in the body isn’t as soft as the Under Armour Boxerjock or some of the merino wool offerings, but it is sturdy. I’ve had some of these underwear for four years of weekly wear and still haven’t worn out a pair. The Give-N-Go’s are also more breathable than the SmartWool boxer briefs I reviewed so if you’re into high intensity workouts they tend to soak up less sweat.


The lightweight underwear of choiceExOfficio Boxer Briefs4


As their marketing suggests, the ExOfficio underwear work quite well for travel and backpacking. They can easily be washed in a sink or stream and they will dry completely in a few hours. Even though I typically take more than two pairs on any given trip, the ability to wash these means that you can pack less or you’ve got a backup if your trip runs long.

I actually use these as my swimsuit on hiking trips where I’m not likely to be seen by the discerning public or cameras.


Best Overall Men’s Hiking Underwear


Although the Smartwool Microweight Boxer Briefs are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn, I have to give the ExOfficio Give-N-Go’s the top spot as the best backpacking boxers.

The ExOfficio’s are more durable, they dry quicker, they breathe better, and they cost half as much.

For a long time these were my daily underwear. I have since replaced them with SmartWool boxer briefs, which are more comfortable and I prefer the merino fabric, however the ExOfficios still find their way into my pack every time I head out into the bush.

ExOfficio's Give-N-Go take the top spot. The losers can take a tissue.
ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go take the top spot. The losers can take a tissue.

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Manufacturer’s Site: ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs 

Available Online: Amazon • Trekt • Backcountry • REI


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