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A Modest Proposal to SPOT

Spot GPS MessengerIn follow up to my emergency beacon rant, I sent a short email to SPOT requesting they add a coordinate display to their next generation beacon. It’s unlikely that they will listen to me as one lone hiker, but if enough people would see this as a useful addition then maybe it is something they would consider.


Good-day Spot,

I have been interested in purchasing a SPOT Beacon for some time and there is a feature I would be interested in seeing in future designs. It would be helpful to have a small LCD readout on the SPOT device that could display UTM/Lat&Long Coordinates.

I currently do not hike with a SPOT or a GPS device, but I can see the usefulness in having a SPOT Beacon for emergencies. The SPOT likely already knows its satellite coordinates within its software, but having that readout could assist many hikers/adventurers in pinpointing their exact location on a map and possibly getting themselves un-lost without having to activate their emergency beacon.

Experienced outdoors people would be able to use this feature in conjunction with a map and compass to confirm their navigation, without necessarily carrying the added weight and bulk of a GPS. I met some of the SPOT representatives at this past SARSCENE in Montreal and after toying with the idea of purchasing a beacon I think adding this feature would be the deciding factor.



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  1. According to SPOT they have a couple options, however not exactly what I’m looking for. I have no desire to get a big full-fledged GPS like the DeLorme package. And the SPOT Connect would require you to link up through your smartphone to use its full features.

    It looks like ACR has announced the release of the smallest and lightest PLB as of yet. It doesn’t look like it will have a LCD screen. But, the reliability of the well proven SARSAT technology may sway me that way.

    Here is the email reply from SPOT’s marketing department:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your feedback. The new SPOT Connect releasing this spring, will have a message history function within the app that will display latitude and longitude of messages sent. As well, the DeLorme PN-60w with SPOT Communicator, out for over a half year now, is a full-blown rugged GPS solution integrating SPOT technology in the handheld’s software paired with the SPOT Communicator. These would both be great options for what you are looking for. I hope this helps!


    Joe App
    Assistant Manager, Worldwide Marketing

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